Sarah-May first felt the boards of a stage beneath her feet when she was five years old, in her acclaimed rendition of the beloved classic "Snow White", where she was thrilled to play the second talking bush on the right. Since then her career has taken leaps and bounds, playing Gregory in “Romeo and Juliet”, multiple police inspectors in "accidental death of an anarchist" and her personal favorite, a pregnant teenaged waif in "Men should weep". This was all far too serious for her, though - and so her interest crept towards comedy and sketch - working in in bright-light cities such as New York, London, Edinburgh and Ribbleton.

Sarah-May began her career in comedy placing in the finals of Comedy Central's "Clean Your Act Up" in 2010. Her first solo show, "Hi Class", took to the Edinburgh Fringe stage shortly afterwards. Since then she has had sell-out performances for "Fooling Around" with BBC Scotland's Julia Sutherland, "Car Crash Comedy", running in Glasgow and Edinburgh comedy festivals and 2013's "50 Shades of Smay" in Glasgow's international comedy festival and the Brighton Fringe in 2014.

This year will also see the premier of the first play Sarah-May introduces to the festivals. "Rut", by Sarah-May Philo and Maria Antelmi will be performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014.
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